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  • Try our cross-culturally validated system of Professional and Personal Personality Assessment Reports
  • Learn about your personality and your best match careers
  • Say what you mean to say, so others hear it in their personality language
  • Build stronger communications for better relationships and teams

PREP™ Personality Reports: Better, Faster, with Deeper Insight!

Since 1984, PREP's remarkable 5-minute personality survey has been used by individuals and businesses for better, faster and more accurate insights to unlock and discover personal leadership, career strengths, build stronger, clearer communications, relationships, teams, as well as for high-impact coaching and hiring solutions.

When compared with Myers Briggs, DiSC, and other popular as well as professional personality tests, both individuals and professionals prefer PREP's speed, simplicity, accuracy and easy-to-begin-using reports and charts for rapid individual and group insight.

Link to myCORE™ Personality Profile uses for individuals By using myCORE Reports for Personal Applications, you begin to understand how you can:
  • Communicate more effectively with the people in your life
  • Choose the right career
  • Find your own path to happiness and success
  • Discover  your unique personality factor
Link to PREP™ Professional Personality Assessments

PREP for Professionals --whether running a business or consulting and coaching with others, the PREP professional report series gives added details to the myCORE reports.

Additionally you'll learn how your current motivation is impacting your energy reserve, short and long term stress levels and be certified to interpret the extensive charts and graphs of the comprehensive PREP personality profile system.


For more information about the development, research and validation of PREP Profile Systems professional personality assessment, download the validation white paper for the Personal Strengths Profile (pdf)


PREP provides my clients with valuable insight every time they use it...Insight that helps them manage more effectively, match people and opportunities more efficiently, and train teams to leverage their strengths. I also use PREP in executive coaching to quickly gain an immediate understanding of how my clients prefer to communicate and approach problems.MS - Consultant
Austin, Texas

What's New at PREP

Become a Certified PREP Pro Administrator! PREP will be hosting the PREP Pro Personality Certification Training May 18-19-20, 2010 in beautiful Bend, Oregon! The Job Match/Hiring Certification will be available May 20th & 21st (prerequiste of PREP Pro Personality Certification required).
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