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Implementing PREP Personality Reports Into Your Organization

PREP is an integrated profile system of easy-to-use, fully-validated, tools, surveys, software programs and publications designed to assist companies and individuals in understanding and managing current and prospective employees in:

Our clients begin with the part of the PREP Profile System that helps them resolve their current problems most quickly. However, they soon extend its use organization-wide. Clients have a choice of using our services in the following approaches that best fit their needs


WOW...all that from 20 questions. Very impressive! JM - Chief Financial Officer
Brooks Resources Corporation

What's New at PREP

Become a Certified PREP Pro Administrator! PREP will be hosting the PREP Pro Personality Certification Training May 18-19-20, 2010 in beautiful Bend, Oregon! The Job Match/Hiring Certification will be available May 20th & 21st (prerequiste of PREP Pro Personality Certification required).
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